legacy video productions

Make your story known.

Do you have interesting stories to tell about your life? Does grandpa love telling about his childhood at family gatherings? There are probably many family stories that are never revealed and others that will fade away over time. We can capture those special stories on professionally filmed and edited video. The stories told will be made into your own family movie, to be enjoyed by many future generations.

Chronicle Video Productions has the equipment, expertise and knowledge to bring family stories to life. Our video biographies, also called legacy videos, are filmed at the interviewee’s home as to create a comfortable setting. We will do a pre-interview so that the recording session will be smooth. Personal family photos or video can be added into the movie.

Why Us

We are a dedicated team who are focused on bringing your story to life in an engaging and memorable way.

Our videographer has accrued many film awards in the entertainment industry, and has worked with large international companies such as Patagonia, Tom Ford and Universal Studios.

Our genealogy expert is a professional genealogist, has a certificate from Boston University’s CPE Genealogical Research Program, and has worked with many genealogy businesses, including the Colorado APG.

Our Expertise.

Your Story.

Let us chronicle your family’s life story with professional video.